Opinion about White Lies

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Tell about white lies, I have experienced things that make my head dizzy. In the lecture, while conducting scientific research with the guidance of my instructor, she led well and firmly. But when my scientific research has me finish with nice and timely, my instructor said that there are some things that must be changed. For the sake of my goodness i said yes what should be changed in order for my research go well later. Whereas before I put a scientific research to my instructor, this research revealed are correct by the instructor outside of coursework. And finally I had to finish the research over again.

Talking about lying for the sake of it a reasonable thing done, as long as no one is harmed over the lies we are doing positive things and make up lies. But on the other hand the white lies don’t get too often to do, because every time we tell a lie even though it was for the good over others but the impact on us is not quite good. For it is better we do something in a good way, do our activities wisely and honestly.

In the above I agree with white lies. Sometimes we are in a difficult situation where white lies need to be done in order to make things better. I think it’s just an opinion about white lies.


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