3 Things Like and Dislike

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This is a story where there are three things that could be I like and I dislike about anything, perhaps the most important thing, foolish, or maybe funny. Some of it is sometimes very touching.

Three things I like that my ittle brother who is now beginning to grow up. He is very so much love to my parents, especially to father. Secondly, when I travel with my family to a place for quality time, I think it is important because for more intimate with my family. And the third thing I like best is when in running a business can run smoothly.

Next, there are three things that I do not like. First I don’t like it if too long waiting for something, for example waiting for someone. The second was when I was talking, but nobody is listening to me. And the last thing I don’t like is when luck was not on our side. For example when you want to go suddenly raining and when it was forgotten in the seat of the motorcylce does not bring a raincoat. That is 3 things like and dislike from me, are you?


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