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a group of words that contains a verb (and usually other components as well). Clause can be part of a sentence or maybe a complete sentence in itself.

For ex:

–          He was eating a bacon sandwich. [clause]

–          She had a long career [clause]

–          but she is remembered mainly for one early work. [clause]


is a small group of words that form a unit of meaning in a clause. There are several types, as follows:

  • Noun phrase

A noun phrase is built around a singular noun, for example:

-A vase of roses stood on the table.

-She was reading a book about the emancipation of women.

  • Verb frase

-She had been living in London.

-I will be going to college next year.

  • Adjective frase

-He’s led a very interesting life.

-A lot of the kids are really keen on football.


Is a group of words that make sense complete, contains the main verb, and begins with a capital letter.

A simple sentence usually contains a statement (known as the main clause). As an example:

-The train should be here soon.

-His father worked as a journalist.


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